Should Real Estate Agents Drive Fancy Cars?


Should real estate agents drive fancy cars?

From showing properties in their car to going to different social events to market and advertise; it’s a fact that Realtors are constantly driving and using their own car. Since real estate agents are licensed professionals that offer their time and effort in serving people to help them find different properties to either buy, sell, or rent, their place of business is always changing. So the question is, does the type of car a real estate agent drive matter?

            One might say, “Of course it does!” I want my real estate agent having a fancy car so I know he’s the best in town! On the other hand someone else could say, “I don’t care what my agent drives because at the end of the day it’s not my car it’s his or hers.” Opinions may differ on the type of car because everyone has different views but I think that the type of car someone drives shouldn’t matter as much as how clean the car is inside and out. For example, when you go out in public and decide not to brush your hair or clean up your beard, what does that say about you as an individual? It shows people that you don’t care what you look like.

            Now on the other side, if you get cleaned up, maybe you do your hair, get dressed up a little bit before you leave the house, then peoples first impression of you is going to be a lot more positive. The real estate business is based on impressions, especially first impressions. Now remember, real estate agents are licensed “professionals”. You don’t see doctors going into work in their pajamas or in shorts and a plain t-shirt! If you’re a professional you should always carry yourself in a professional manor when you’re on the job. This means taking the time to take your car on routine washes and interior cleans because you never know when you will be taking customers around the city in your car to view properties.

            Personally, the type of car someone is driving should be a car they can afford and one that is fuel-efficient. If you can afford to be driving a Porsche or a Mercedes around every day then business must be great but realistically not everyone can afford to be driving high-end vehicles. There is nothing wrong with driving a fuel efficient Toyota Prius and getting 50 miles a gallon while maybe getting a little more in the city. This might not be a popular pick and a visually stimulating car but imagine all the money you could save! Now I’m going from one extreme to the other but what I’m trying to say is real estate agents should drive a car that is best suited for their business. You want to have a car that personifies your personality because at the end of the day if we like it or not everyone is judgmental. So take the initiative and what’s in your control and make sure it exemplifies the type of business you want.